Lakeview Baseball Club

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Established in 1988, Lakeview Baseball Club was the first of the rooftop clubs and is the only private rooftop. There are three levels of space that were recently remodeled in 2009 including a climate controlled club room, accommodations for a 100 outdoor bleacher seats on 2 different levels that provide amazing views of Wrigley Field, two open bars, full catering services and a friendly staff that is dedicated to making your rooftop trip a one of a kind experience.

Whether you want to catch a Cubs game, reward your employees, entertain a large group of clients or friends, this is a great facility to do it at.
Address : 3633 N. Sheffield
City, State : Chicago, Il
Website : link
# of Floors : 3
Elevator : No
Handicap Accessible : NA
Bathrooms : 6
Seating Capacity : 200
Minimal Party Size : No minimal party size
Parking : No
Bar/Rooftop Opens : 60 Minutes prior to Game
Bar Closes : At the top of the 9th Inning
Rooftop Closes : Guests must leave 30 minutes after the end of the game.
Catering Schedule : Grill is turned off in the 7th inning, but the food trails off into the 8th inning. Desserts are served in the 5th inning.
Buffet Appetizers & Sides : Fresh potato salads, pasta salads, fruit trays, veggie trays (with dips), Chips (Ruffles original, Ruffles Sour Cream & Cheddar Chips, Fritos, Doritos, Cool Ranch Doritos, Cheetos, and regular Lays potato chips)
Buffet Entrees : 1/4 pound gourmet hamburgers and cheeseburgers (American or Pepper Jack cheese), hot dogs, Italian Sausage with grilled onions and peppers and marinara and shredded mozzerella, Polish Sausage, 6 oz. chicken breast sandwiches, and veggie burgers with all the fixings
Buffet Deserts : Chocolate Chip Cookies, Famous "LVBC Brownies", Lemon Bars
Wine : Merlot, Cabernet Savignon, White Zinfandel, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay
Beer : Goose Island 312, Brooklyn Lager, Heineken, Heineken Light, Budweiser, Miller, Coors Products, Corona, O'Douls
Non-Alcoholic Beverages : Regular and diet soft drinks, Lemonade, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Dr. Pepper, Club Soda, and Bottled water
Allow Outside Catering : No
VIP Seating : Yes
VIP Package (Optional Upgrade) : Yes
VIP Food Menu : Available Upon Request
VIP Drink Menu : NA
Photos : link
Videos : link
Deposit Requirement : 50%
Payment Process : Payment of a 50% deposit for Memberships, Open Member Reservations, Pre-Event Reservations, and Off-Season Reservations are due upon receipt of the Invoice. The balance is due no less than ten (30) business days prior to the date of the event.%
Submit Guest List By : An alphabetized Guest list must be submitted by noon at least two (2) business days prior to Event date.%
Entrance Location : Front of Building
WiFi Coverage : Yes
Available Board Room : Yes
Rain Policy : Full refund if game is cancelled before the game begins. Once the game has started, there will be no refund regardless of rain delays, postponements, or cancellations. If the game is rescheduled or postponed, the lessee has 14 days to rebook the make-up game date for a $40.00 per person inclusive fee for up to the original number of guests booked
Cancellation Policy : This event is non-cancelable and all fees are non-refundable.
Year Remodeled : 2009
Accepted Payment Type : NA
Special Youth Pricing : Ask for more details
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By Coolblues
on 6/14/2011 9:38:56 AM
Rooftop Facility 4 Staff & Service 5 Food & Drink 3
Customer's comment
Reason I'm giving only a four star rating for the facility is because they don't have any TV screens nor speakers installed, unlike the rooftops left and right of this one. Personally, I can easily live without the speakers, but I sure would be nice to have the screens to see close up and replays.
Other than that, there's nothing bad at all to say about the facility. The bar/restaurant has actually a very "inviting" flair to it.

The food would deserve a five star rating if it wasn't for the potato salad. To my taste, that salad was so bad it kinda spoiled the overall enjoyment of the otherwise excellent food.

Across-the-board it was a very pleasant experience and the owners could easily turn it into a near perfect experience by addressing the few aforementioned negative points.
By Muscleheadt
on 6/15/2011 3:02:49 PM
Rooftop Facility 4 Staff & Service 4 Food & Drink 4
Customer's comment
I went with a small group on a less crowded day. Due to the limited number of people, only the second floor was open. Drink options were limited to Coors Light, Heineken, and red & white wine. The food was great and quick to get. The food was served in a semi-buffet style with the main items like rib sandwiches and hotdogs being provided by a server. There weren't any specialty items but who eats fancy watching a Cubs game? Smoking is allowed outside and I caught whiffs of a good cigar almost the entire game. I smoke cigars once or twice a year myself so i didn't really bug me. The inside bar area was very nice and appeared to be well maintained. On the rooftop "bleacher" seats, the seats are fold-up style, I didn't see any bench seating. However, there other places below to stand/sit and watch the game. There is a bar right below the rooftop seats but it was closed when I went so each trip for beer was kind of cumbersome as there were a lot of stairs. It was only a problem because there was a one beer per person rule. Otherwise, it’s not any different than getting your own drink while sitting in the bleachers in the stadium. The rooftop section seems notably smaller than its neighbors who appear to be capable of supporting twice this one's capacity. But they had bench style seating which, can be a plus or minus depending on your preference. The view from the rooftop is great. It’s not much different there than sitting in the outfield stadium bleachers. There were plenty of restrooms with no lines at all. It was also nice not having to fight through a crowd of people getting back to the car at the end of the game. The overall atmosphere was nice and value was definitely there if you chose to eat and drink your fill. This place is priced a lot more fair than others, however, this was my first time on a rooftop so I have no basis for comparison on the value. I would recommend this spot for small to medium groups or maybe a company event that books them full. Also, it seems like a nice place to take a date if you're looking for a good deal. I might go again sometime but either way I enjoyed the atmosphere and the entire setup this place had going'. If you haven't done it, try it. If you have done it, do it again dummy, this place is awesome!

Side Note:

Park at the Devry campus for $6 a vehicle and free shuttle tickets (to Wrigley and back) are included. This seems to be the best way to go as far as parking unless you're on a motorcycle.
By Petra_fan1
on 8/11/2011 12:33:51 PM
Rooftop Facility 4 Staff & Service 5 Food & Drink 4
Customer's comment
Very nice facility, very friendly staff and great food. I've been to this facility twice and would gladly go again.